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Network Database System for Thermophysical Property Data is developed and run by AIST, and is available for free. Thermophysical properties data (ex. Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, heat capacity, density, surface tension and vapor pressure) for liquid, solid and melts are stored in this database.

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Thermophysical properties of Al2O3 thin films (Areal heat diffusion time, Boundary thermal resistance, Thermal diffusivity)

1. Al2O3_Am coated with Mo on fused silica substrate
   1.1. Al2O3 coated with Mo on fused silica substrate,Grade1 :Areal heat diffusion time, Boundary thermal resistance, Thermal diffusivity

2. W/Al2O3/W three layered thin film on fused silica substrate: Thermal diffucivity of Al2O3, Boundary thermal resistance between Tungsten and Al2O3.

Some researchers reported that the very large thermal resistance of multilayer thin films. Alminum oxide thin films were deposited on the fused silica substrate by RF magnetron sputtering. The substrate temperature during deposition was kept at room teperature, so that the film structure was amorphous. The film thickness of samples ranged 0.5- several tens nm. Thermophysical properties such as boundary thermal resistance and thermal diffusivity were measured by pulsed light heating thermoreflectance method. In addtion to thermophysical property of alumimun oxide thin films, thermal diffusivity of Molybdenum thin film with 100 nm in thick was also stored.

material name; amorphous aluminum oxide, Alumina

keywords: large thermal resistance, thermoreflectance, thermal diffusivity

Chemical Formula; Al2O3

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