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Network Database System for Thermophysical Property Data is developed and run by AIST, and is available for free. Thermophysical properties data (ex. Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, heat capacity, density, surface tension and vapor pressure) for liquid, solid and melts are stored in this database.

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More than 11,800 property data (including mechanical and optical properties) for about 3,600 materials are available for free. Please access our database browsing system on the web, "TPDS-web" via links on the right panel of this page.

Newly released data 2016/04/13

104 data are newly available. Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity for DLC(Diamond like carbon) and CVD(Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamond, thermophysical properties for wide band-gap semiconductors such as GaN and InN, and thermophysical property depends on both pressure and temperature for minerals.

Brief summary of newly opened data:

<Diamond like carbon and CVD Diamond>
The data for thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity are available.

Links to Data:Diamond like carbon, CVD Diamond

<GaN(Gallium Nitride)and InN(Indium Nitride)>
Thermal conductivity of bulk GaN with different dopants are available.
Density, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, enthalpy Gibbs energy of InN are opened.

Links to Data: Bulk GaN, InN

The Data for dependence of thermophysical property such as thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity for minerals(Garnet, Olivine, Stishosite etc) on temperature and high pressure of several GPa order are available.

Links to Data: Garnet, Olivine, Stishovite,Coesite

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