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Network Database System for Thermophysical Property Data is developed and run by AIST, and is available for free. Thermophysical properties data (ex. Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, heat capacity, density, surface tension and vapor pressure) for liquid, solid and melts are stored in this database.

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More than 11,700 property data (including mechanical and optical properties) for about 3,600 materials are available for free. Please access our database browsing system on the web, "TPDS-web" via links on the right panel of this page.

Newly released data 2011/4/1

About 300 new property data have released. Below is the matrix list of some recorded data sorted by material and property.

<List Description>
New: new added data, OK: previously recorded data, blank: no data
DE: properties such as density, thermal expansion, and thermal expansion coefficient. TD: thermodynamical properties such as specific heat capacity, and enthalpy. HTP: heat transport properties such as thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity. MTP: properties related to momentum transport such as viscosity, and surface tension. EP: electrical property data such as electrical resistivity, and electrical conductivity. SE: emissivity and related data. MP: mechanical property data such as elastic constant. OP: optical constant data.

Group Material Class 3 DE TD HTP MTP EP SE MP OP
Ceramics Alumina(alpha phase)_Poly Crystal New New New          
Ceramics Aluminum Oxide(alpha phase)_Poly Crystal,Bulk   New            
Ceramics Aluminum Oxide(Alpha phase)_Powder     New          
Ceramics Aluminum Oxide(Gamma phase)_Powder     New          
Ceramics Aluminum Nitride_Single Crystal,Bulk     New          
Ceramics Aluninum Nitride_Powder New New            
Ceramics HfSi2 Hfnium Silicide_Strture Unknown,Powder       New      
Ceramics Potassium Tantalate_Single Crystal,Bulk     New New      
Ceramics Lanthanum Oxide_Powder,Polycrystal   New            
Ceramics Lanthanum Fluoride(Nd-doped)_Single Crystal New          
Ceramics Lanthanum Fluoride_Single Crystal New New          
Ceramics MgAl2O4 Magnesium Alminate_Single Crystal New New New          
Ceramics Neodymium Oxide_Powder,Polycrystal   New            
Ceramics Neodymium Aluminate_Single Crystal   New            
Ceramics Plutonium dioxide_Structure Unkown,Bulk   New            
Ceramics Strontium Titanate(Y-doped)_Polycrystal,Powder     New New      
Ceramics Strontium Titanate_Polycrystal,Powder       New      
Ceramics Strontium Titanate_Structure Unknown,Bulk   New            
Ceramics Ti5Si3 Titanium Silicide_Structure Unknown,Powder     New New      
Ceramics TiSi Titanium Silicide_Structure Unknown,Powder       New      
Ceramics TiSi2 Titanium Silicide_Structure Unknown,Powder     New New      
Ceramics Uranium Dioxide_Structure Unkown,Bulk OKNew OK     OK    
Ceramics Yttrium Oxide_Powder,polycrystal   New            
Ceramics Yttrium Oxide_Single Crystal New   New          
Ceramics Yttrium Aluminum Garnet_Single Crystal New New New          
Ceramics Yttyium Aluminium Garnet_Structure Unknown New              
Ceramics sintered ZrSi2 Zirconium Silicide_Structure Unknown,Powder     New New      
Metals Aluminum_Structure Unknown,Bulk       New      
Metals Aluminium-Magnesium alloys     New New      
Metals Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon Alloys_Bulk,Poly Crystal   New            
Metals Molten Copper New OK OK          
Metals Molten Gadolinium New OK            
Metals Niobium_Bulk,Poly Crystal New New OK   New New    
Metals Molten Tin New   OK          
Metals Austenitic Stainless Steel New OK New New      
Metals Tantalum_Bulk,Poly crystal     OK New      
Metals Tantalum_Bulk,Structure unknown       New New    
Metals Molten Vanadium New OK            
Metals Tungsten_Bulk,Poly crystal New New OK   OK New    
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors Molten Boron New OK            
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors Single wall carbon nanotube (SWNT)_Bulk     New          
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors Germanium_Amorphous,Thin film             New
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors Germanium_Polycrystal,thin film             New
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors Ge0.4-Sb0.59-Te0.01_Polycrystal,Bulk New              
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors Ge0.4-Te0.5-Sb0.1_Polycrystal,Bulk New              
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors Ge0.5-Te0.55-Sb0.05_Polycrystal,Bulk New              
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors (Pb0.13-Ge0.87)-Te_bulk,Structure uknown       New      
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors (Pb0.25-Ge0.75)-Te_bulk,Structure uknown       New      
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors (Sn0.2-Ge0.8)-Te_bulk,Structure uknown       New      
Semi-Metals and Semiconductors Ge-Te alloy_PolyCrystal,Bulk New              

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