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Network Database System for Thermophysical Property Data is developed and run by AIST, and is available for free. Thermophysical properties data (ex. Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, heat capacity, density, surface tension and vapor pressure) for liquid, solid and melts are stored in this database.

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More than 11,800 property data (including mechanical and optical properties) for about 3,600 materials are available for free. Please access our database browsing system on the web, "TPDS-web" via links on the right panel of this page.

Newly released data 2011/4/1

Thermophysical properties section of NMIJ/AIST is trying to release highly-reliable thermophysical property data measured using the measuring instrument that is traceable to the national standards and their uncertainty were evaluated. We would like to give a special thanks to collaborative research institutes for agreeing to release their data.

About 20 data in all of thermal expansion coefficient, thermal expansion and specific heat capacity are newly released.

<Thermal expansion coefficient (from low temperature to room temperature)>
We released evaluated data with uncertainty information of Niobium, Tantalum, High Manganese Steel, Invar, Niobium Titanium and Titanium.
Link: Details of measurement of thermal expansion (Measurement system of the linear thermal expansion by laser interferometer from extremely low temperatures to room temperature)

<Thermal expansion (from room temperature to high temperature)>
We released the data of Pure Iron, Niobium, Cobalt, Vanadium, Tungsten, Zirconium, Tantalum, SUS316, Hafnium, Nickel, Lead and Platinum.
Link: Details of measurement of thermal expansion (our laboratory website)

<Specific heat capacity>
We released evaluated data with uncertainty information of NIST SRM781 Molybdenum.
Link: Details of measurement of specific heat capacity (briefing paper for 2010 Workshops for Solid-State Thermophysical Properties Club)

Updated data matrix of each materials and propertieas by the release of new data are listed below.

<List Description>
New: new added data, OK: previously recorded data, blank: no data
DE: properties such as density, thermal expansion, and thermal expansion coefficient. TD: thermodynamical properties such as specific heat capacity, and enthalpy. HTP: heat transport properties such as thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity. MTP: properties related to momentum transport such as viscosity, and surface tension. EP: electrical property data such as electrical resistivity, and electrical conductivity. SE: emissivity and related data. MP: mechanical property data such as elastic constant. OP: optical constant data.

Group Material Class 3 DE TD HTP EP SE
Metals Cobalt_Bulk,Poly crystal New   OK    
Metals Iron_Bulk,Polycrystal New      
Metals Hafnium_Bulk,Poly crystal New OK OK   
Metals Niobium_Bulk,Poly Crystal New OK OK OK OK
Metals Nickel_Bulk,Poly Crystal New OK OK OK OK
Metals Inver alloy_bulk New     OK
Metals Manganese steel New      
Metals SRM Molybdenum   New  
Metals Lead_Bulk,Poly crystal New      
Metals Platinum_Bulk,Polycrystal New    
Metals Austenitic Stainless Steel New OK OK OK  
Metals Tantalum_Bulk,Poly crystal New OK OK  
Metals Titanium_Bulk,Poly crystal New OK   OK
Metals Titanium-Nobium Alloys_Bulk,Polycrystal New      
Metals Vanadium_Bulk,Poly crystal New OK    
Metals Tungsten_Bulk,Poly crystal New OK OK OK OK
Metals Zirconium_Bulk,Poly crystal New OK OK  

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